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Tecate’s spas offer aerobics classes, massages, and diverse treatments to relax, humidify the skin, and to recover lost energy. The spas in Tecate use alternative medicine as well such as local herbs, plants, and fruits that grow in the area. Most of the spas or resorts in the Tecate area offer high end spas complete with manicure services, massage, spa and some even have a gym to workout in. We have a spectacular selection of Tecate Mexico Spas and Retreats. Including Tecate spa treatments and spa procedures in Tecate, Pacific Coast Region of Mexico. See list below for more information. Spas in Tecate
  Rancho La Puerta
The modern-day fitness and spa vacation experience began in 1940 in a sheltered valley only an hour’s drive from San Diego, California. Rancho La Puerta offers an amazing array of fitness activities, luxury spa amenities, superb accommodations, and entertainment. Their 3,000-acre property offers world-class landscaped gardens, an organic farm, and mountainsides or meadows of great hiking and walking experiences. Contact: (800) 443-7565 Online Mexico Insurance 

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