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Tecate is a small city that offers an unusually high number of eating establishments. Most of the dinning establishents are located around Parque Hidalgo which is the towns main square. Tecate Mexico specializes in small taquerias tha serve amazing tacos, burritos, tostadas and tortas. In the resort hotels you can find fine dining. At Rancho la Puerto, Tecate's premier ranch and spa is a high end restaurant complet with a cooking school. Below is a list of restaurants, dining establishments, food and places to eat in Tecate Baja California, Mexico Tecate Restaurants

El Jardin - Small diner on the south side of the plaza * Resonable lunch and breakfast serving Mexican specialties * Open daily 6am till noon

Mariscos Victor - Serves resonable priced Mexican style seafood, tacos, burritos, ceviche and more * Located at Av Hidalgo * Open at 7am for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Panaderia el Mejor Pan - Considered by many as the best bakery in Baja * 100's of cookies, doughnuts and cakes served fresh * open 24 hours 7 days a week

Rancho La Puerta - is renowned for freshly picked produce and nutritious natural foods. We have developed, tested, and proven hundreds of recipes since 1940. Over sixty years of culinary creativity, experimentation and dietary research have culminated in a superb all-natural diet. It is low in fat, sodium, and refined flour and sugar -- while high in energy, fiber, and complex carbohydrates * Contact: (800) 443-7565

Tacos el Sabroso - Small taco stand open early and closes late * specializing in fish and shrimp tacos


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