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Tecate founded in 1892 is a small border town located in Baja California Mexico. Tecate is a short 40 mile drive from San Diego that is linked by windy mountainous roads. Set in a bowl-shaped valley in lower Sierra Juarez; known as the Tecate MexicoLaguna Mountains on the California side; Tecate is insulated from industrial Tijuana and Mexicali to the the west and east. Tecate is a border town that does not have the look or feel of a border town, but rather resembles a small village in the central part of Mexico. The fresh, unpolluted air in the valley lured the developers of Northern America's first and longest running health spa, Rancho La Puerta. Tecate's other claim to fame is its namesake cervaza, brewed here for nearly 50 years. Tecate's altitude of approx. 1700 feet (550 m) above sea level and its proximity to the ocean afford an agreeable climate. It rains enough in the area for a thick ground cover of shrubs to grow; the change from maritime to desert climates is at a higher altitude a couple hours drive further east...More about Tecate

Tecate Nightlife

Tecate Nightlife

Tecate is a small town and is not really the best place for nightlife, but it is known for its beer Tecate. Most of the entertainment occurs at the town quare at Parque Hidalgo or you can find several bars along Avenida Juarez. Tecate nightlife offers great relaxation in a industrial setting. On the outskirts of the city are several area to relax and enjoy the mountain air...More Information about Nightlife in Tecate

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Tecate Brewery
Perhaps the most attractive feature about Tecate Baja California is the local charm of the Mexican town. Unlike Mexicali and Tijuana it does not have that busy feeling, even though it is a busy town. Tecate is probably known best for it Tecate brewery that offers daily tours of the facility. Rancho La Puerta is a spa retreat that has been featured in several magazine that cater to luxury...More Attractions in Tecate



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Tecate Restaurants

Tecate Restaurants

Although the town of Tecate is small in size, it offers several restaurants. The restaurants in Tecate are located throughout the town and also concentrated around Parque Hidalgo. Tecate offers some amazing Taquerias serving tacos, tortas, burritos and tostadas...
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Tecate Mexico Hotel

In Tecate there are a couple of hotels in town as well as several, campgrounds and RV parks. Tecate is most known for it's tourist "ranchos" which are basically small recreational properties with either cabins or hotels...More About Tecate Lodgings